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Welcome to

Project DEIOS

Alpha 1 v0.1



Please read before testing & submitting feedback
What does ALPHA release mean?

Alpha builds are work-in-progress builds we’ve created for the purpose of working directly with our community to deliver the best experience collaboratively through feedback/suggestions. Each build that we release will expand the specific sets of content/functionality meant to provide a slice of the overall experience. 

As with all Alpha builds, we expect some turbulence along the way but we are committed to doing our best to ensure we get you into smoother air as quickly as possible. We think Alpha participation is a critical step in our path to building Project DEIOS and we all look forward to working closely with you!

Before you test

Before you can start making maps we ask you to read through the following simple steps to make sure you can run the application as expected and create maps smoothly:

  1. Check the system requirements
  2. Instaling and graphics drivers
  3. What needs to be tested (and what does not)
  4. How to give feedback
  5. What to expect from the alpha
  6. Read through the known issues.

1 – Hardware requirements

DISCLAIMER: The current ALPHA version has not yet been finally optimized for systems without a dedicated graphics card. If you are looking for a stable experince, make sure your PC meets the requirements below.

The following hardware requirements are based on our testing so far and are aimed towards a stable experience. Big companies make use of benchmark farms, to emulate the software on thousands of different PC systems. As a small development team we don’t have that luxury, but we are proud to have a forthcoming community that is willing to help us. Handing this technical ALPHA to you will allow us to see how the software performs on a big variety of different systems and thus will allow us to adjust and modify the hardware requirements as we progress.

CPU Intel Haswel/AMD FX-6XXX or equivalent.
RAM 8 GB System RAM.
Graphics card Dedicated graphics card with at least 2 GB of VRAM and Vulkan support (Bigger and richer maps need more VRAM). Check compatibility here.
OS Windows 10 64 bit with the latest updates
Diskspace  300 MB (For application without map save files)


Even if your setup does not meet the described requirements, your testing will help us tremendously. Having your feedback and especially your system information will allow us to learn more about the general performance that is required and we will be able to adjust future builds.

2 - Installing and drivers

Graphic development comes with a lot of dependencies on hardware – especially graphics cards. That's why it is important to install the latest drivers before starting to work with the application. Project DEIOS Alpha 1 requires Vulkan in order to operate smoothly.

You can get the newest drivers from the manufacturer websites over at Intel, NVIDIA and AMD.
Please make sure to have the x64 version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installed.

Installing and getting past SmartScreen

When SmartScreen appears it usually says the app is unrecognized. This is our fault, since we unfortunately messed up the codesigning due date. All following versions will have a proper signature and thus will not be blocked by the Windows Defender SmartScreen. 

The result is, that the filter leaves you with only one button to push: Don't run. 

  • But all you need to do is click the More info link at the end of the warning paragraph.
  • When you click that, you then see a window with a new option: Run anyway.
  • Click that, and you're all set. DEIOS will start installing as normal.

We do not recommend turning off the Windows Defender through your system settings. Windows Defender is a good way to keep your PC protected and we would not have had this problem, if we would have paid more attention to the signing deadlines.

3 – What needs to be tested

Our goal is to make our foundation as strong and battle tested as possible. With DEIOS we have set high goals, where building giant worlds with thousands of assets, cities and regions will require a huge amount of memory management and performance optimization. Before we continue adding more and more features, we want to be absolutely sure that our foundations are solid enough to sustain all the tools we are going to add.

When launching the app it prompts you to give consent to storing system information. By enabling it, the app will submit only your system hardware specifications – we are not tracking any personal or marketing information. This information however is very important to learn more about the system requirements and we kindly ask you to provide this information.


Put your focus on

Stability and Performance

We call this first Alpha release our technical Alpha. The goal is to learn more about the behavior of the software on the various systems that are out there and to improve stability and performance for our future builds.


Feedback on 
  • The Interface
  • The Landmass Tool
  • The Prop Tool
  • The Assets

How do you like the user experience and visuals?
How intuitive is the tool and where do you see space for improvement?



A few weeks after the launch of our current Alpha we will release a survey that will help us evaluate your experience and make improvements for the next Alpha release.


4 – How to give Feedback

Give permission to read your system requirements

When launching the application you get a prompt that asks for permission to collect your system information. This is very important to learn more about the variety of systems.

Submit your crash logs

Whenever the application crashes, there is a crash reporter. Please use it and submit your logs, error messages and comments. It will submit them automatically, so don’t worry about copying everything into an email. Just make sure you use the provided buttons "Restart" or "Quit" and not close the crash reporter by clicking on the "x" in the upper right corner.

Report a problem

In the upper menu you have an option called “Submit a Problem”. Whenever you run into unexpected interface behavior or bugs, use this to describe the problem and we will receive the map data, logs and your comments.


Please do not use our Discord, Kickstarter comments or social media to post error messages or bug reports, because it will be incredibly hard to hunt them down and bring them into a proper form for us. Please use the tools we have provided above.

5 - What to expect from the Alpha

We have done our best to create a stable experience for you. And still, with every new test build we are creating, we are seeing new things that we would love to improve before handing it out. This is very much the nature of every software development and we know that it is now time to give you the build and collect your feedback. But we also think it is important to talk about expectations:


What you should expect:

Crashes. This means that the application could throw an error at you when you try to open it, because your graphics card does not support a component that we didn’t foresee, or it might crash while you are adding another big mountain range, because your RAM ran full and we need to further adjust the relation between RAM distribution and asset placement.

But that is exactly what we need to know. So please submit all your crash reports and logs, so we can use them to learn from it.

Bugs. We did our best to hunt down all critical bugs, but we expect that you will find bugs that we have missed. So go and do things that we didn’t anticipate, break it and let us know what you did!


What you should not expect:

A finished version. This is the first ALPHA release in a row of releases and it only contains two (although very elementary) tools: Landmasses and Props.

A fully stable experience. Even when testing our final release build we still had crashed here and there. Some of them are related to our render engine WGPU (which is new on the market and is being developed while we talk) and some of them are related to our database where more data will help us a lot to understand its weaknesses.

Keeping your maps after updates. If you want to keep the maps, export them as images. This ALPHA is not intended to sustain your maps through new update cycles. We will do our best to keep them through our ALPHA updates, but there is no guarantee that we need to change the architecture and your maps become useless.

Closing words

We – the whole DGNFOG-Team – want to thank you, because without your help we would not be able to make this journey.

By that we wish you happy testing and (to borrow words from a good friend) the happiest of mapmaking!