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Project DEIOS

Known issues Alpha 1

Updated on 10/15/2020 3:15 PM GMT




Word of Advice

We have an autosave function that works great. Sometimes a bit too great. So if you want to have the chance to roll back to previous map states, use the map duplicate or map file export to create "save states" of maps while working on it. 


Known Issues

An error pops up with:
"The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found..."
Your system is missing a Windows Visual C++ library that is required to run the application.

Please visit this link to download and install the 64 bit version of the Visual C++ Studio Redistributable for your PC.
Close application delay The application prevents closing, until all map data is saved. A warning should indicate that the programm is still saving and give a promt. Coming soon.
Dragging windows and dialogs Some dialogs and windows inside the app may move unexpectedly faster than your mousemovement. This happens on high resolution screens and app scaling turned up. We are aware of this and know the solution but haven't touched it yet.
Paning the map on zoom  Can't pan the map outside the canvas when zoomed in.
UI - Toggle Buttons Icon stays in hover/active state after animation.
Custom mouse cursors missing

The mouse cursor does not change its appereance when interacting with objects

Prop Properties

Prop select box is misaligned and floating somewhere random. 

Prop Properties
Prop rotation value is inverted.
Prop Properties Scaling is not showing the correct numbers in several instances
Stage layer properties Can't change fill of the stage yet.
Prop Library Window is not always staying open (although it should).
Grouping Groups Grouping groups causes unwanted behaviour.
Layer sorting Sorting layers does not have an effect on the drawing order.
Moving Groups Moving groups over a landmass resolves the group and places the contents directly on the landmass. This is not intended.
Minimap not showing Coming later.
Undo/Redo Does not include all action stacks yet. Be careful when deleting things.
Brushing props is laggy As longer the propbrush is dragged, the longer it takes to write the props to the database. This is known but optimization has not yet happened.
Prop placement with group selection While a group is selected and you place a prop, the prop still gets add to the landmass instead inside the group.
Delete map delay Currently when you delete a map from your library the map gets removed AFTER the toast at the bottom is gone. This can cause unwanted behavior when rapidly deleting more than one map.
Video Streaming Streaming the app via Video Chat, OBS, etc. may cause visual glitches.



Some of these happen unexpectedly and for different reasons. Research show multiple different sources for these but we are unable to reproduce all of them consistently. We need your help to track down the real reasons and we ask you to report every crash you find. This happens automatically when you dismiss the crash reporter and ticking the checkbox for "Send crash report to DUNGEONFOG KG".


Crash when going fullscreen or resizing the window into taskbar & back up WGPU related - update from wgpu required
Crash when drawing landmasses Source unkown (we have a hunch, but your data will help a lot to track it down)
Asset rendering error  Possibly related to asynchronus database communication, but we were not able to find a reproducable pattern. The result is, that your props suddenly look "broken" (lineart and color have an offset). Closing & restarting the application usually fixes this behavior. We were not able to track the source of this, but we guess that it is related to having too many props selected for random prop selection.