Directional Lighting

Patch 5.6.10

With this new patch we are introducing a new way to manage light sources.

You can now adjust light sources directly on stage (using our cool new handles) and you can now create Directional Light!

But that's not all! If you want to know what else is new to this update, check out


2021 June 16
DungeonFog Battlemap Editor - v5.6.10

New Features:

  • Directional Lighting - You can now make spotlights, TV glow effects, and more.
    • Holding SHIFT while using the direction/width gizmo's will allow for fixed 15deg changes.
    • Holding SHIFT while using the range/mask gizmo's will allow for a fixed .5sq change.
  • Light Panel Shortcut - CTRL+SHIFT+K
  • Layers & Levels Shortcut - CTRL+SHIFT+L
  • GM Notes Shortcut - CTRL+SHIFT+G

Core Changes:

  • As part of our ongoing server optimizations, changes to the editor have been made to eliminate excessive network traffic that was being caused when opening the prop, texture, and token pickers.

General Changes:

  • Some users with slower computers are able to select and delete a prop that they already deleted because their computers haven't been able to finish re-rendering yet, and on occasion this has resulted in a crash. We have updated the editor to ensure that it should no longer crash as a result of this error.
  • Asset Manager - An asset may now be uploaded once to each category: prop, texture, token. This highly requested feature will allow you to upload an image as a prop and a token at the same time!

Bug Fixes:

  • Light range will be properly displayed when using real-world units.
  • Selecting a Collection Texture in the prop and paint tools will now properly persist and open the texture tab instead of the color tab.
  • Selecting props within a prop group now works properly.
  • Prop - BOUNTY HUNTERS/Organic - Broken Organic Desk - Now displays properly.
  • Textures - All textures that have been reported as having breaks(non-seamless textures) have been fixed. Please let us know if you find a more non-seamless textures so they can be fixed.

Known Issues:

  • Universal Battlemap Importer for FoundryVTT has not yet been updated to import directional lighting for our UVTT Native Lighting export option.



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