DungeonFog Battlemap & DEIOS Outlook 2022

What will 2022 bring for you?

In our first stream this year, we talked about all
the exciting features that await our community in the First Quarter of 2022.

But first, we have to make an important announcement regarding our streaming schedule.
We’ll bring company news, updates to the battlemap features, and DEIOS updates together into one stream.

Battlemap Goals Q1

So, what are the new exciting things you can expect from our Battlemap editor in the coming months?
We prepared this handy chart to show you:

Rework of our Asset Library

This is NOT the final version. This is a work-in-progress picture.

With our newly updated asset library coming with advanced filters and tagging options, finding the assets you need will be easier. 

Community Hub

This is NOT the final version. This is a work-in-progress picture.

We want to bring the community closer together. Create your very own creator’s page and start to
share maps, follow other creators, get maps recommended based on your preferences, and much more.

New Tool: Paths

Bookshelves, rivers, carpets, blood... and more to come are currently implemented in our new paths tool, which will make it so much easier for you to create your maps. You no longer have to copy & paste certain assets, but quickly draw and manipulate them as a vector path. We plan to include new path assets in our future asset packs and grow this tool over time.

We highly recommend watching the stream if you want to see the paths tool in action!

What will 2022 bring for Project DEIOS?

You can find all the news and upcoming features to DEIOS on our KickstarterUpdate or our monthly Mapping it Out stream.

A little sneak peek:

  • Blueprints 
    Create an overlay from imported images to trace your sketch.
  • Waves 
    We updated the look of the coastline waves.
  • Tectonic 
    It's an algorithm to create landmasses based on tectonic models.


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