Easter Mimic Hunt | Winners


Over 230 eager Mimic hunters helped us to exterminate those pesky egg thieves!

We have asked you to help us find all the Mimics on the image below and over 230 of you set out to hunt them.

Let's have a look at your success rate!

37% of you found all 15 mimics and were not tricked by ominous shadows or weird, yet harmless plants. 
28% of you were really close, either missing just one or seeing more that there was
35% of you should probably avoid Mimic-infested forrests. 

If you did not catch all of 'em, don't be sad - there is still a Mimic Hunter Badge waiting for every participant, that will be unlocked soon.
The 10 winners have already been drawn and will be notified via emial in the next couple of days.



If you want to now where the Mimics actually hid, here's the resolution:

"Mimic asset pack" now available!

If you want to use them for your maps - you can! We have added 30 new assets for mimics in their different states, from hidden to attacking, including just eyes and teeth, so that you can create your mimics. From now on, you can make your players quiver in fear as they investigate your maps closely! 

However - those sneaky little gremlins have decided to hide between our asset packs, so if you want to use the new assets…

… Happy Mimic Easter Hunt (part two)!

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