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Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Great GM & DUNGEONFOG

It is so good to finally talk about these exciting news. Can you imagine working on this for months, not being able to share our excitement? It’s been tough, but now we can finally spill and spoil and babble all we want! (well, almost...)

Our partner Guy Sclanders hosts Ghosts of Saltmarsh series, including OUR maps!

We can finally announce one of the things the DUNGEONFOG team has been dying to tell you for the past months:

Our dear partner Guy Sclanders, also known as the Great GM, has finally announced his new, official D&D LIVE stream series: How to be a Great GM presents Ghosts of Saltmarsh – Call of the Kraken. Congratulations Guy, we couldn’t be prouder! YARRRRR!!!!

His new series will be starting May 25th,
airing each Saturday at 20:00 GMT (1 p.m. PT)

We're not just sponsors - we are crewmen!

As fellow role-playing enthusiasts, we quickly came up with many ways to pitch in and support Guy in whatever makes his life as a game master easier and his RPG adventures even more immersive. For his new twitch series featuring D&Ds Ghosts of Saltmarsh, the DUNGEONFOG team got the chance to provide Guy with:

  • Customized maps for his Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign
  • A special prop set revolving around pirates, ships, krakens and underwater adventures
  • Soundscapes - fresh from the testservers
  • Art work for PC and NPC Avatars featured in the Great GM’s new series, made by our beloved Artist Anton Trauner

We will share the booty!

As part of the DUNGEONFOG community, you will be able to enjoy the new props as well - once the show has aired on May 25th, we will release the new asset pack to all premium members!

But do not despair! To pass the time until then, we have just recently released a special Easter Loot for you!

Captain Guy and his scurvy scalawags

Guy does not only have DUNGEONFOG at his side for this adventure:

The team of WorldAnvil throws their worldbuilding and storytelling expertise into the colorful mix. Using WorldAnvil you will be able to learn more about the world this adventure takes place in, the characters and more background info than you can ever image.

We have also introduced Mark, aka Caeora, from Blue Sword Games to Guy, who contributes to the new adventure with artwork featuring a beautiful world map and tantalising new areas to explore.

The pact between DUNGEONFOG, WorldAnvil, Caeora and the Great GM fills our teams with inspiration, a world full of crazy ideas and a treasure vault filled to the rim with enthusiasm - so stay tuned, because May is going to be...


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