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New Update Released: Repaint Rooms & Group Rooms

With this update we are releasing two new features that will help a lot to improve your map making and will finish our work on the advanced room handling work package:

New Tool: Repaint rooms

Creating a map is often a fluid process where you don't want to interrupt your current workflow with changing room textures or wall settings for every room you draw.

Therefore we have added a tool that allows you to quickly "repaint" your rooms with a few clicks. I think this will help a lot, since you can now focus on mapping out all rooms in one flow and change their appearance afterwards with a lot less effort than before.

New Feature: Group Rooms

With this update we have:

  • Introduced the possibility to group rooms.
  • We have also shifted the layers & levels panel to the right, so that you have more space.
  • We have added a way to directly edit object names in the layers panel
  • Layers now keep their position/status to reduce the amount of clicks while editing several rooms at once.

Creating room-groups will help a lot to keep your layers organized, and will help you to create constructs that consist of more than one room (like houses, or dungeon sections). 

This also comes with a pretty cool new feature for your GM-Notes:

Groups can have their own description and are now displayed as one image in your notes. All rooms are then listed as a collection of tables below. This not only reduces your effort on creating notes, but also gives you a pretty neat visual for your notes!

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