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Do you want to spend more time playing and less time preparing?  Do your players constantly stray into unknown and unprepared territory? Fed up with needing a bag of holding and potion of strength to carry all your game gear?

Epic Battlemaps is a fantastic fold-away book of expanding adventure maps for your fantasy TTRPG sessions. With custom maps designed by The Great Game Master and licenced by DungeonFog, this indispensable book of portable and immersive TTRPG adventure maps will fit in your backpack and onto your gaming table with ease.

When Guy told us about this new project, I was excited to see DungeonFog maps in a print publication that is all about maps. Maybe I was a little nervous too - this book is all about maps, will our maps stand up to the challenge?

When I then saw the first prototype I was blown away! This book is going to be a fixed point in all our future roadshows.

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