Winner of the RPC Fantasy Award 2018
"Most Promising Product"

We have launched!

Here is a list of the latest updates presented in the video:


We are celebrating our launch from October 25th to 28th on the SPIEL’18 in Essen, Germany! Log in during this period and claim your personal red dragon prop in our achievements section!


Doors & Windows

We have updated our doors & windows tool. You can finally

  • move doors & windows,
  • hide them,
  • lock them and
  • mark them as trapped.

You can also flip/mirror doors to adjust their direction and they can now cut the walls, so you can create stunning new effects!


Advanced Export

From today on you can export PDFs and Multi-Page PDFs as well as adjust the titlings for your PNGs and JPGs manually.


Editor improvements

We have implemented a lot of improvements for the editor:

  • hide/show lighting to improve the performance while you work on your map
  • define which light source will produce shadows
  • hide/show the ghosting for your levels above
  • move between levels with keyboard: Page up / Page down
  • Delete wallpoints with keyboard: DEL or BACKSLASH


Happy map building!

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