New Feature: Map Decorations

Style your map presentation

With the new map decoration feature you can now style the way your map is being presented to your players. Add corner decorations, distance meters and compass roses. Label your maps and more! 

You can find the new assets in Settings > Map Decoration,
where we are offering many shiny new assets to decorate your maps:

...and more!


We have introduced a new status that allows you to toggle whether an object on the map is only for map decoration purposes. Map decoration objects are not affect by lighting, and can be hidden on export. This allows you to use the same map as a styled version for you or your publication while you can also create a pure player version without the decorational objects as well.

  • Select an object and set it to "map decoration".
  • Export the map with or without the map deco elements with just one click
  • Pro-Tip: Create a new deco level and collect all your elements on one dedicated level (you can now also turn off the level darkening effect!)



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March 2021 Update - Map Decorations
DungeonFog Battlemap Editor - v5.5.0

Core Changes:

  • Selection now prioritizes rooms over objects on the stage. This change was made to make it easier to select rooms and objects within a room instead of an object going underneath a room.
  • When using alt+click to select an object, rooms are ignored and will not be selected so that you can easily select any object under a room.
  • Selection of stacked objects via alt+click now has the following priority: Map Decoration -> Tokens -> Above Walls -> Objects.
  • Scale and rotation fields now require you to press enter upon manual entry set the value. Entering a value lower or higher than the minimum or maximum value will set the appropriate minimum/maximum value.
  • Token size field now requires you to press enter set the value. Entering a value lower or higher than the minimum or maximum value will set the appropriate minimum/maximum value.

New Features:

  • Map Decoration Toggle - Brushes, props, shapes, text, and prop groups can now be turned into a 'map decoration', this will put the object above objects with 'above walls' so you can overlay your map with decorations, labels, and legends. Map decorations are unaffected by dynamic light.
  • Selecting map decoration assets in the prop tool will turn on the map decoration flag.
  • Assets added to a collection can be made a 'map decoration'.
  • A new export option called 'Map Decorations' has been added to the 'View Options' so you can choose to export a map with or without your map decorations.
  • Legend Tools - This new feature can be found in the text tool, you can now collect the names of all your rooms or all of your map decorations with a single click.
  • Darken Stage Toggle - When the stage is turned off, you can now choose to not darken the layer below. This will allow you to create an entire 'Map Decorations' level.
  • Port campaign maps back to my maps so you can edit them independently.
  • Tokens can now use non-integer sizes with a minimum of .1 and a maximum of 10.
  • Layers panel now display an icon depicting the type of prop it is.
  • Shapes and brushes that have not been named will now display a corresponding color name in the layers panel instead of ‘Unnamed’.
  • The font menu is now scrollable.
  • 12 additional fonts have been added for use.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the color picker was not preserving the last selected color or texture and associated settings.
  • Fixed a bug where the color picker was not preserving colorize nor luminescence settings.
  • Scale and rotation fields now assign the proper value when going over or under the minimum/maximum allowable value.
  • Moving room groups will no longer duplicate doors.
  • Doors that are part of adjoining rooms will now show up in the layer inspector when either room is selected.
  • Fixed a bug where disabling jitter on a shape would not return the shape to normal unless the object was moved.
  • Fixed bug with in campaign mode where opening a map from the 'maps' menu that had fog of war changes would only display a gray map.
  • Rotating and scaling of an object will now actively update the associated field in the inspector when changed with the mouse wheel.
  • Font size will now actively updated in the text tool and inspector when changed with the mouse wheel.
  • Doors on circle wall segments will now snap to grid properly.
  • Fixed a bug when creating multiple folders under My maps
  • You can now select if you want transparency or not in the door tool, instead of having to set it after placing a door.
  • Fixed complications with the password reset.

Known Issues:

  • Asset Manager has not been updated for support tokens with the new label system.


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