Mapping it Out April Special

Mapping it Out | April & May

Guy is hosting games at D&D in a Castle (have fun!) next week and thus will not be able to act as our splendid moderator. Since Mapping it Out without Guy doesn’t feel right, we have decided to push back the show until he is back.


  • March 2022 - postponed
  • April 2022 - Monday April 11th, 6pm UTC
  • May 2022 - Tuesday May 31st, 6pm UTC 

Guy visits Till in Vienna!

Tune in for a very special Mapping It Out on

Monday 11th of April at 6pm UTC!

The next Mapping it Out will be on April 11th and it will come with a little extra!
Guy is paying us a visit in Vienna, and we have decided to use this opportunity for a special show with Guy and Till live from the DungeonFog gaming dungeon! 

If you have ever wondered where and how our office games take place, maps are battle-tested and crazy ideas are born, this show is for you! Join Guy & Till for an evening of fireside chatter and of course the latest news from battlemaps and DEIOS.

And since we are already in mid April by then (and having two shows only a few days apart doesn’t make much sense), the next Mapping it Out will continue with its regular schedule on May 31st 2022.

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