It’s #Mapvember - The best time in the year to create maps!

Mapvember has become the traditional month to celebrate all you awesome mapmakers out there and to pay tribute to your endless creativity! So what better way could be there, than to make some contests, share competitions and enjoy the fun of creating maps together?

You need a little competition to get your creative juice flowing?


Then come and visit our DungeonFog discord at !
Over the next weeks we will have a weekly map competition where we hand you
the theme of the week, you submit your map and the community votes on the winners!

Join our Discord!

You should also check out #Mapvember by Miska Fredman. On you can participate in an open challenge for all who enjoy drawing fictional maps for roleplaying games. 

These maps can be anything from dungeon maps to geographical maps, from fantasy to science fiction, as long as the maps are usable without other maps, tools or information.

This is not a competition, so there are no winners or losers. But hopefully, there will be a bunch of inspired people with a burning desire to draw more maps or use the maps shared by others in their own games.

Have fun and as always - Happy Map Making!


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