Marketplace Beta has started

Today we have launched our new marketplace, where you can purchase additional props, textures and game assets for the online battlemap editor. And since the marketplace is also available to free users, this release comes with powerful changes for free users as well.

What's new?

The marketplace comes with many new shinies!

  • Over 3000 new assets and growing!
  • Purchase additional asset packs & game assets from artists like Caeora, Forgotten Adventures and Ardent Roleplay (more to come!)
  • Downloadable image packs
  • More flexibility for free users
  • Attractive discounts for premium users
  • DGNFOG Merch


Please note: To access your purchased assets, your maps need to be at version 5 (V5). The old V3 editor does not support the new marketplace integration.

See it in action


What has changed for free accounts?

  • All free accounts have now by default 3 free map slots.
  • Free accounts can now purchase additional map slots (up to a maximum of 12 slots) in the marketplace.
  • Free accounts have access to the marketplace.
  • We have updated our platform to reflect your available map slots
  • We have cleaned up our editor interface so you can now easily see what props are included for free accounts.

Why are marketplace assets sold separately?
The monthly asset packs we release as part of our content subscription are produced in house and we fully own the rights for distribution as part of our subscription. Asset packs from external artists however are still under the intellectual property of the artist and we can’t just include them in our content subscriptions.

Hence we have worked with several artists like Caeora and Forgotten Adventures to create a business model, that allows us to sell those asset packs through our marketplace in addition to the asset packs we release in our content subscription.

Do I still need a subscription?
DGNFOG Premium (as subscription or OnDemand) gives you access to all premium features, removes the map slot limits and includes all monthly prop packs that have been, or will be released as part of our content subscription. In addition to that, PREMIUM users will get a discount on all purchases in the marketplace as well. 

To see all benefits for premium users please go here.

What purchase options do I have?
We have done our best to make the marketplace as flexible as possible.
And while not all options are available from start, we will slowly unlock them over the next weeks*:

  • Free
    Free asset packs can be unlocked for the online battlemap editor through the marketplace.
  • Standard
    The standard purchase options unlocks the asset pack in the online battlemap editor 
  • Standard + Download
    In addition to the standard license you can download the images
  • Commercial
    With this license you can use the assets for commercial publishing as part of the DungeonFog maps.
  • Commercial + Download
    With this license you can use the downloaded assets commercially as well.
  • Patreon (coming soon)
    This license option will be restricted to premium users and will allow you access to the asset pack of each partner artist you are supporting through Patreon.

*Please note that each artist can decide what license models are available per pack.

How does this affect public maps?

Maps that include marketplace assets can still be shared publicly. If you clone a map that includes mp-assets, that you do not own yourself, those assets will be watermarked for you and you will see a reference to the asset pack in the marketplace.


For the next two months we will be testing our systems and make sure that the marketplace is fit for bringing in more assets from various artists. Until then the marketplace might undergo changes and improvements, so we decided to flag it for BETA testing first. We also decided to start with a small amount of asset packs and a selected group of partners first and grow the marketplace slowly once the testing is finished.

How does the BETA affect your purchases?
Not at all. If you have purchased asset packs in BETA they will remain in your account regardless of the changes we bring to the marketplace.



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