Master of the Tools

There can be only one!

We have a WINNER! 

Over the past couple of weeks we have introduced new tools, new features, new assets and improved performance and usability for our online battlemap editor - and it was time for you to show us what you can do with all those shiny new things!

There were almost no limitations to themes or assets - every map theme was welcome.
And you made it hard for us to pick. From over 30 submissions, we had to pick only one winner...


The prize - The winner can now name the next monthly asset pack!

All participants have already received our participation badges and we have awarded gold, silver, bronze and our honorary mention! 

Yet there can be only one winner!

Our jury has picked The Byway Incident by @Korthal, who now has the opportunity to decide on the theme and assets for one of our upcoming monthly prop packs. 

  • Be part of the planning session where you can pick the theme
  • Submit your ideas for 25 assets that our artist will then draw
  • Join us in the review phase, where we test the assets and make minor corrections
  • Have your name in the asset pack promotion as “brought to you by …. “
  • Be the owner of the exclusive DGNFOG badge "Master of the Tools"


Gold, Bronze, Silver and Hon. Mention


You want to see those maps in action?

Here you can clone the maps into your account and marvel at the amazing work!


The Jury


Toni Trauner: Is the artist behind all our monthly prop packs at DungeonFog. With his keen eye for composition and his endless love for details, his assets are what breathes life into our maps. 

Till Lammer: As the founder of DungeonFog, an avid map maker and tester #1 for new tools he should really know best how to use his own software. And yet he never stops to be amazed by the tricks you use to create your maps! 

Janet Forbes: Storytelling aspects have often been neglected in mapmaking, so we have invited Janet from World Anvil to help us judge the submissions based on her experience as writer and storyteller.

Guy Sclanders: Host of the youtube channel How to be a Great Game Master, Guy has been a GM for many decades. With his new book Epic Battlemaps Vol 1. Guy has recently created dozens of beautiful maps with our Online Battlemap Editor and knows quite a few tricks on how to master our tools.



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