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Mapping it Out october 2022

Published on 2022-10-28 17:10

DungeonFog News & Event Calendar

A lot is happening in the upcoming weeks. From the anniversary stream, to the start of Mapvemper and more, November will be busy and great for mapmakers and the DungeonFog team. A couple of dates of note are:

  • November 3: Battlemap Editor & Community Hub Update
  • November 4: DungeonFog anniversary stream with Till
  • November 5: WorldAnvil interviews Till
  • November 9/10: Deios Update

Both updates may slide to either of the two dates but as always we will keep you let you know once the update is live! More on each of those dates down below.

Watch the full Stream on Youtube


30 days, 1 epic map. That's the idea behind Mapvember and as last year, DungeonFog will release a set of prompts to give you some inspiration to create as many maps as possible. This year, the prompts are inspired by the book "The Creator's Guide to Epic Locations" which Guy and Till are currently kickstarting.

If you take part in the challenge, and you want to share them, tag them with #mapvember and we may feature the best entries in a future Mapping it Out stream!


New book by Guy & Till available now on Kickstarter

Epic Locations: Nature

Guy and Till are working on is currently on Kickstarter and the community has already unlocked several stretch goals. One of these stretch goals is adding one page for each location to show how those maps would look like if they were transported into a different realm like the Feywild, the Hells or the Shadowfell.

Thanks to the wonderful support the book is already funded, so it will come out, now the goal is to make it as good as possible, adding to it as much as possible to help mapmakers around the world with the creation of new, amazing maps.

You still have until November 8 to check out the Kickstarter for Guy and Till's upcoming book "The Creator's Guide to Epic Locations", after which the two will enter the next phase of writing, editing, and most importantly: map making. IF you haven't yet, make sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign!


Battlemap Editor & Community Hub

The UI rework is done! It's not a complete rework of everything, so veteran mapmakers will still find everything, while it should be much easier for new users to find their way around the software. The UI will now remember your settings and how you left them, making it much more seamless to go from one option to another and back.
WIth all updates, let us know your feedback, both good and bad!

Not just the general UI has changed, but so has the Marketplace. After roughly half a year, the Marketplace will finally leave the Beta stage behind and fully launch into the full version.

The Community Hub also got a huge update. Maps can now be filtered by tags - once the mapmaker has added them. The search function has been expanded quite a bit, allowing to look up maps directly, look for artists, and much more. More updates for the Community Hub will come in the future, of course, but we're happy with the feedback we have received so far!



With the update of the UI, Boti and Andi were also able to implement a feature that had been on the backburner for a while: asset replacement. Select an asset on the map you want to change, and look for the asset you want to replace it with. The system will even remember the colour settings you decide on. This feature will come to brushes in V6 which will come next year.

The big update for the Battlemap Editor is the new Asset Picker which we've shown off quite a few times in the past.


Maintenance & downtime

For this update we will put the whole Website under maintenance on Thursday the 3rd of November from 8am to 11pm noon UTC.

Please save your maps by then and exit the Battlemap Editor in time to avoid unexpected behaviour. We will keep you updated in Discord and Twitter.

Deios updates

With the size of this update, the most important info upfront:

⚠️ Export your maps before downloading the new version!

Your exsisting maps are not compatible with the next update and won't load. You can add your exported maps as blueprints to retrace them.

After that, you will need to download the installer from the website and everything will be handled from there. That installer is now also finally code signing software with a proper installer for Deios, meaning there shouldn't be any more issues on startup, you will be able to properly update, uninstall or repair the software. All the bells and whistles of a real software.




As to what is included in the update, there are some major changes coming which we've talked about in the past: First of all the replacement of every single asset with new art from Caeora. If you want to know more about the redrawing of the asset, take a look at our last Mapping It Out from September.

In that stream, we also showed off another huge addition and change to Deios: the new Tectonics system. So if you haven't seen that yet and want to get a preview before the update launches, our last monthly stream is where you should look.

The one thing that we hadn't shown off before is the new Clipboard and the River systems. Users will now be able to draw and adjust rivers in their maps, adjust the flow of the rivers, and even combine several rivers together to create intricate and wonderful designs. In addition, the Clipboard system allows users to copy and paste anything from single assets to entire continents both on a single map but also between maps.

This update is massive, and there are a LOT of changes, so please, again, make sure to backup your maps before updating! And once the update rolls around, let us know what you think of the new systems!

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