Classic Dungeons II

Monthly Asset Pack

Published on 2023-02-24 10:45
Sharpen your mind, not your pencils and dive back into Classic Dungeons!

Just a few months ago we presented you with the return of a nostalgia-style Asset Pack for our BattleMap Editor. Now we're back with round two, bringing you more stylised, black-and-white assets for your maps in Classic Dungeons II!

If you've already worked with our first Classic Dungeon pack, you will find more of what you already liked. If you haven't, take a look at our example map to get an idea of what to expect. Each of the new assets can be easily combined with traditional maps you've in our BattleMap Editor. Either to add some more details to it or even as a fully featured prop itself by creating a treasure map within your battle map itself. Leave a mark on your map, draw a fine line in the sand with our path tool, or drop simple treasure chests on your party. Be they real or just mimics.



The second Classic Dungeon pack again features a set of props, path and option tools. While they are black-and-white in their original design, clever map makers can transform them with colours, lights, and other props to ensure that they work in any setting you can imagine.

As opposed to our usual new Asset Packs, we have integrated this one directly into the first Classic Dungeon pack which now features over 40 assets, nearly 60 textures and brushes and over a dozen path options. Now, without further ado, we hope you enjoy our latest addition to our assets and we look forward to seeing all your new and improved creations!

Feel free to share them with us in our Discord server or on Social Media, until then: Happy Mapmaking!



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