Monthly Asset Pack

Published on 2023-10-12 14:12
It is prop pack time again!

We're excited to unveil our newest asset pack — Mage Hunter TTRPG.

This exclusive pack was crafted in a collaboration with "How to be a Great GM" and is inspired by the immersive setting of the new book by Guy Sclanders that has recently launched on Kickstarter.
"Dive into the spice rich lands of the Cathar Sodality. Orange salts mix with Seema Lake waters, heavy with the pollens of the forests of Dapha to create a red water called Channa. This flows down the Kana river and into Tymori Bay. The cities of Ranthambor and Dapha sift the Channa and extract the spices and mineral salts. The flavour is intense and quite unique. It is also mildy addictive and this the Channa spice trade generates huge income for the Cathar."

With 80+ assets consiting of novel props, textures, and paths, this pack not only supports amazing adventures in the world of Braxia, but also adds a new cultural set to our library.


The Mage Hunter asset pack is now live and accessible to all Premium DungeonFog users  in the asset picker under /mage hunter.

So stop reading, and start mapping - Happy Mapmaking!




Live on Kickstarter

Mage Hunter - A diceless Roleplaying Game

The dicless TTRPG Mage Hunter is a fast paced fantasy roleplaying game set in a rich, dark fantasy world that is familiar and yet unique. Designed for any level of experience players and GM's to run, the focus of the system is on narrative epic adventures where the players work with the GM to create wonderful gaming experiences. A simple action econony underpins the entire system allowing for customized magic, characters, and monsters that can easily be adjusted on the fly.



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