Monthly Asset Pack: Tents and Wagons

Published on 2022-11-29 16:52
It's time to make camp and set up watches for our latest Asset Pack!

Everyone needs to lay down and rest at some point - including your party. And with our latest Prop Pack, you can lead them to the perfect camping grounds: Tents and Wagons!

Whether you plan a nightly ambush or want to give your players some time for roleplay, your session will get infinitely more intense with a map that sets the mood and gives players a better idea of their surroundings. You might even just set up this presumed battle map to foil your players and make them think an encounter will come, raise the tension throughout each separate watch and then give them an undisturbed long rest.

You don't always need hard-fought battles with the biggest and creepiest monsters to raise tension. But you do need tents, campfires, logs, and everything else included in our latest Asset Pack to make a great map for a camp, wandering troupe or the poorest and most desolate part of your town.


What songs is your party going to play at your fire? What stories will they tell and what secrets will be revealed? Share them with us and share your maps, we love to hear and see them. Just, maybe, don't play Wonderwall.

As always, you can find our latest asset pack Tents and Wagons in the asset picker.

We hope you enjoy the new prop pack and wish you Happy Mapmaking!



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