Wall Decorations

Monthly Asset Pack

Published on 2023-02-03 14:00
A new Asset Pack so nice
you'd want to frame it and hang it over your mantelpiece!

Month after month we've brought you new assets for your dungeons, taverns, and outdoor maps, making sure you can place a myriad of options all over your rooms. Now, we finally address the one aspect of our maps that holds everything together and has been neglected for so long. We present to you: Wall Decorations!

Banners, mantelpieces, lanterns, and so much more will now bring life into your flat and dry room dividers. Draw attention to or away from secret passages, make way for your world's version of Santa to enter the scene or light the way through long and dark tunnels. The options are sheer endless. Many of the wall decorations can also be used instead of doors and really mark your passageways into the next room as significant. An archway with a black void is all that the party can see at the other side of the room? Surely the next fight will be the lair of a great Fiend and the stage for the next boss fight.


Don't mind the Rogue hiding behind the curtains and ignore the Dwarf admiring the craftsmanship of these wall pillars. Neither will stop you from making the most out of our latest Asset Pack. Instead, they will enhance your game, your narration and set the tone of your scene. No one will want to break the fourth wall if it is so nicely decorated!

We all loved plastering our rooms with posters as kids, now it's time to give our dungeon walls some love as well. Show us how YOU enhance your maps with the new assets, we'd love to see what you can do with them!

As always, you can find our latest asset pack Wall Decorations in the asset picker.

We hope you enjoy the new prop pack and wish you Happy Mapmaking!




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