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Published on 2022-10-21 10:49

Defeat or embrace your inner demons!

Halloween is just around the corner! And for that occasion we went Trick or Treating, knocked at the door of Rule of Chaos and were rewarded with the idea for our latest Asset Pack: Rule of Chaos.

Face off against hordes of the Underworld or claw your way out of the Abyss. Whichever way your combat and adventure goes, with these assets you'll be prepared for any encounters. This asset pack comes with 25 props, one new texture, and two path options. Create visceral, bloodthirsty and demonic evil new maps with this new asset pack - not just for the Halloween season but for any horror campaign and ventures into the deepest pits of despair, the Hells and whatever you want to throw at your players.

You can find the demonic Asset Pack as always in Settings > Rule of Chaos!




We hope you enjoy the new prop pack and wish you happy map making!

And if you're looking for new campaign ideas, class and race options and want to really let out your inner demons, take a look at our collaboration partners for this Asset Pack and Rule of Chaos's Kickstarter that starts today.


Make the unplayable playable - Demons in 5e!

Among all extensions and additional content it is time for something new. Here comes Rule of Chaos and turns the tables. No more “heroes” who turn out as murder hobos anyway. No more weak humanoids. The time of Demons has come!

Discover new challenges and 5E potential that has never been shed light on before.



Rule novelties

Create demons and enjoy freedom in shape, size and overall appearance. Gear your demon with fitting abilities you can choose from 6 leveling races and 8+ unique demon classes.
Compose your own spells with an unique spellcrafting system as all demon races are spellcasters by nature.

Roleplay challenges

Experience what it feels like to be a powerful being of chaos finding your way among mortals, beings of hell and even the heavens alike. Infiltrate, manipulate and obliterate those who stand in your way.

Adventure Fuel

Explore the plains of demons, gods and the living. Meet vivid cultures and get tons of inspiration. Make use of epic Mob Rules, 20+ Monsters, 60+ Chaos Cards, 20+ Infernal Magic / Cursed Items and much more to craft unmatched stories!

Digital Approach

And on top of it all, enjoy an easy character creation process with our own developed app and handle your character sheet digitally if you like!


Pledge today!

Become a backer and explore a changing world with its own hell and heaven plane, 7 playable eras and changing continents and factions. Watch as history unfolds and leave your mark as an eternal being of chaos.


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