Monthly asset pack


Set your maps to stunning with our new asset pack!

Go to infinity and beyond with the latest asset pack we just released: Spacetravel!

With the recent release of the new Spelljammer sourcebook from Dungeons & Dragons, we practically had to board our ships and set sail for the nearest Astral Dreadnought! How will that first contact with the ancient space monster go? Only time (and space) can tell, and with our latest additions of assets, you can prepare the battlemap for this and untold other encounters starting today.
Enjoy our new assets and embark on a journey with your crew of players and boldly go where no adventurer has gone before!

As always, you can find our latest asset pack under Settings > Spacetravel.


Let us know what you think about our new assets - we are curious to see your creative ways of implementing them into your maps and campaigns.

We hope you enjoy the new asset pack and wish you happy map making!



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