Monthly Prop Pack | Torture Chambers

It is prop pack time again!

Our new monthly prop pack has been released: Torture Chamber!

This time we present you an asset pack with enough items to scare even the Inquisition. Jokes aside, the dark ages were a terribly gruesome time and we do not endorse the tortures methods from that time - no matter how much assets like these were requested. Throughout history and even into modern times, these acts are a terrible testimony to the cruelty of human ingenuity and we hope that neither human or animal ever has to suffer these macabre practices ever again.

Use this assets with caution in your maps and always ask your players/viewers for consent before presenting difficult material.

As always, you can find our latest asset pack under Settings > Torture Chamber


Grab this map for free


Let us know what you think about our new props - we are curious to see your creative ways of implementing them into your maps and campaigns.

We hope you enjoy the new prop pack and wish you happy map making!




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