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New Update Released: Improved Drawing & Move Rooms

With today's update we have moved another step closer to finish our work package 
"Advanced Editor Features - Rooms". 

Improved room drawing

Over the past updates we closely watched how you create rooms. We realized that our snap-to-wall mechanic is not performing as we expected, but rather limiting your experience when it comes to combinations of different rooms or room-in-room scenarios.

On the other hand, the room layers were hardly used at all, due to the fact, that they had almost no impact on how rooms behave depending on their position in the sorting list.

The goal should be, that you quickly and intuitively draw your map layout without having to think of possible barriers. And with curved walls now added to the mix, our snap-to-wall mechanic was not optimal anymore.

So we re-worked our tools to make the experience easier to grasp and less complex when dealing with intersecting walls and rooms.

New Feature: Move Rooms

We have also implemented our new feature: Move Rooms.  

When you select a room, you now get a move handler around every room point. By selecting this handler you can now drag rooms around your map.


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