The Dark Lord Asset Pack by CAEORA

We are proud to present our first external asset pack by none other than CAEORA!

For the upcoming Circle of Worldbuilders Masterclass 2020 (May 30 - 31st 2020, free to attend at Caeora has created a special 100+ asset pack "The Dark Lord" that brings the noble-dark atmosphere of an victorian mansion to life.

  • In our DUNGEONFOG classes on Saturday and Sunday we will explore the new asset pack and start building a dark, creepy battlemap as part of the CoW Masterclass!
  • We want to make sure that everyone benefits from this new asset pack, so we have made it available for FREE and PREMIUM alike and it will remain available like this after the masterclass weekend has ended. 
  • You can find the new setting category “CAEORA” in the prop tool, texture tool and doors & windows tool of the editor.

It is our first attempt to bring artwork from outside of our art studio into DUNGEONFOG, so please let us know how you like the new asset pack and give us your feedback! Until we open the doors to our external marketplace, if you want to get your hand on more assets from CAEORA, head over and check out his other work!

Monthly Prop Pack: Ancient Greek

Yesterday we have also released our new monthly prop pack “Ancient Greek” - so make sure you check that out! You can find the new pack under Settings > Flavor > Greek.

Let us know what you think about our new props - we are curious to see your creative ways of implementing them into your maps and campaigns.

We hope you enjoy the new prop pack and wish you happy map making!

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