Monthly prop pack: Sci-Fi Megapack Bounty Hunter

It is prop pack time again!

This month we have released a new mega-pack for Sci-Fi: Bounty Hunter

The new prop pack Bounty Hunter features over 150 new props and textures for sci-fi maps. Brought to you in association with How to be a Great GM, we have created assets for different themes like Firefly, Star Trek or Event Horizon.

You can find it under Settings > SciFi> Bounty Hunters and we have also updated our space textures.

You are still looking for the right setting to play a Sci-Fi game?

Check out Bounty Hunter – A TTRPG by How to be a Great GM!

"The PCs are Bounty Hunters taking on jobs, hunting down bounties, claiming the rewards and living large in a galaxy full of wonders and chaos. "

A fast, easy-to-play TTRPG for all experience levels of players set in a custom sci-fi world of Bounty hunters!

Get it now at:

Let us know what you think about our new props - we are curious to see your creative ways of implementing them into your maps and campaigns.

We hope you enjoy the new prop pack and wish you happy map making!


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