Monthly Prop Pack: The Islands of Sina Una

It is prop pack time again!

Our new monthly prop pack has been released: The Islands of Sina Una
With this prop pack we have added 40 new assets, pulling from precolonial mythology and culture of the Philippines.
This asset pack was created in collaboration with the new 5E campaign setting "The Islands of Sina Una", spearheaded by Lucia Versprille. 
You can find them under Settings > Flavor > Sina Una.

The Islands of Sina Una is a project spearheaded by Lucia Versprille, the founder of Seersword (@Seersword). After discovering inspiration in old mythology from her heritage, she began to seek out more information about stories and mythos from the Philippines. Eventually leading to directing a team of other interested artists, writers, and players.

Soon after Joshua Mendenhall aka HTTPaladin, as we know him here in our DungeonFog community was sought out, beginning as the main graphic designer and layout artist for the book. Quickly though, his longtime passion for TTRPG shone through in his strength with mechanics and storytelling, and Lucia appointed him Co-Director.

Working with a team of researchers under the lead of Josh, we created this asset pack as authentic as possible to the lore of the book and the history of the precolonial traditions of the Philipines. 

The Islands of Sina Una is about to be released on Monday, October 5th and will be availabe here: 

Let us know what you think about our new props - we are curious to see your creative ways of implementing them into your maps and campaigns.

We hope you enjoy the new prop pack and wish you happy map making!


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