Nautical Campaigns by GreatGM - All maps!

Everything you need to run a nautical campaign

A Complete Guide to Nautical Campaigns is a complete set of new rules designed for run fast paced, fun and action-packed nautical campaigns and encounters. 
New rules have been created to ensure ship-versus-ship combat is fast, engaging, and that all PCs (regardless of build) can add to the battles. Revised movement systems, rules on ports, fleet actions, and new magic items allow for any type of campaign play set at sea. Included in the book are five playable races designed for underwater campaigns – with aquatic ships and underwater combat rules – there is now no excuse not to venture below the waves…

All of the maps featured in the book can now be found in the DGNFOG public library. Accessing the maps is free, however an active subscription or monthly prepaid access is required in order to clone and edit the maps.

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What systems are this book & maps compaticable with? 

The mechanics used in this book are designed to work with any major 1d20 based RPG system although some skill names and value checks might need to be adjusted. All maps are designed for 1inch grid based games. The new rules are a reworking of existing material and can be considered stand-alone. The Scaled Movement Tracker for example, is a new form of combat mechanic unique to How to be a Great GM!

and 28 more maps now available!

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