Caves & Underdark

Caves & Underdark

Get ready for awesome spelunking maps

Published on 2024-02-15 11:35
Embrace the call of the deep!

Venture into the shadowy depths of the unknown with our latest asset pack: "Caves 2024." Designed to bring your darkest spelunking and cave diving fantasies to life, this collection is a treasure trove for battle map creators aiming to craft immersive environments teeming with mystery and peril. With over ninethy meticulously crafted assets, textures and paths, including various plants and moshrooms, an array of sinister hive elements, and ominous holes ready to swallow any adventurer whole, the pack offers everything needed to design all the different underdark realms you can possibly envision. Invite your players to explore these enigmatic caverns and let them face new dangers that lurk in every shadow.

Detailed textures and terrain elevations provide the perfect backdrop for your underdark scenes. Water holes and blood-stained caverns suggest untold stories of past explorations gone awry, while ancient statues and shrines, spores and webbed mummies add a layer of foreboding to your subterranean landscapes.

Embrace the call of the deep with this new asset pack, and let your imagination plunge into the eerie silence and palpable dread of the world below. Perfect for game masters, storytellers, and artists alike, these assets promise to unlock new realms of creativity and horror in your next project!


The new pack is now live and accessible to all Premium DungeonFog users  in the asset picker under /cave 2024.

So stop reading, and start mapping - Happy Mapmaking!




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