Winner of the RPC Fantasy Award 2018
"Most Promising Product"

New Update: Dynamic Lighting

Today we have released our new dynamic lighting system (DLS).  

We are incredibly proud of this new update, because it not only adds a great tool for more atmospheric maps, but with our unique approach to prop shadow rendering, we now can simulate almost realistic shadows out of any two-dimensional prop.

You might have seen dynamic lighting and their according prop shadows in other tools. They usually cast a straight, endless shadow based on the range of your light source. 

To have a proper shadow cast, you usually have to know the height of your light source, the height of your prop and - which is the biggest problem - you have to have a 3D model of the prop that is being lit. 

Most 2D map tools simplify that for the sake of their programmers sanity. 

They just say: "Ok, there is a prop - take the outline and block light from there.", causing shadows to be more a conceptual area where no light falls, regardless of the shape of that prop. 

With DUNGEONFOG we have the unique chance to bring change to the market and to challenge the community with new ideas. So we tried to solve this problem of "2D-meets-3D". 

And the result is truly one of its kind! 

With this update in place we can proudly announce, that with DUNGEONFOG you have the most realistic lighting system that any 2D map editor offers today. 

(Also, we do not cheat by restricting this to our own props only - it works with all uploaded props as well!)


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