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New Campaign Manager and Viewer hit the home stretch

We are nearly there, just a few more steps and the DUNGEONFOG Campaign Manager as well as new Viewer features are ready to rock our testserver! If all goes smoothly, we hope to release the testversion within the next two weeks - we are so excited to hear your feedback and can’t wait to see how you’ll use the new game master tools and storytelling possibilities!

We have promised you new features in the first quarter 2019 - it took us a bit longer than we’d hoped, but we can already see the finish line ahead of us. And we think that is time now to take a first glance at what’s in store for you!

New Campaign Manager

At its core, the DUNGEONFOG Campaign Manager enables you to import multiple maps from your platform into a single RPG campaign. Our system automatically generates a campaign copy of your map - that way, your original work stays untouched, no matter how reckless your players interact with their environment while they are moving through your story.

Improved Game Master and Players View

The highly anticipated fog of war feature allows you to gradually reveal or hide map areas as your players move along and take different actions. The tool is based on a brush system and can be adjusted in size to symbolize the individual character’s field of vision. At the same time, you are always able to uncover entire rooms with just a single click.

Live editing

Every time your players interact with structures on your map, you can now immediately show the results of their actions. Do they want to tear down a wall - boom, wall is gone. Did they find a hidden door and smash it in - just a few clicks and your players can congratulate themselves on their wit and strength.

Are you as psyched about the upcoming developments as we are? We have compiled a teaser video to help you pass the time - we hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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