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Now available

For storytellers, authors, and role-playing game (RPG) masters, the setting can often be as pivotal as the characters and the plot.

Recognizing the importance of vivid and exciting locations in storytelling, Guy Sclanders, host of the YouTube channel How to be a Great GM, and Till Lammer, CEO of DungeonFog, have teamed up to create a comprehensive guide to crafting the most dynamic settings for storytellers and gamemasters: The Creator's Guide to Epic Locations – Nature.

From Barren Wastes to Volcanos: Covering a Range of Landscapes

The book provides an in-depth look at 16 distinct natural environments, ranging from barren wastes and bayous to underwater realms and volcanic landscapes. Readers will discover the unique features and intricacies that define each locale, helping them incorporate these settings into their own stories or RPG campaigns.


A Fantastical Spin on Natural Environments

Adding to its utility and depth, each location is analysed through the lens of five incredible settings: High Fantasy, the Underfell, the Fey Domain, The Hells, and the Shadow Realm. This layered approach provides storytellers with added nuance and flexibility, allowing them to adapt conventional settings into something truly extraordinary.

More than Just a Handbook

Epic Locations is not merely a catalog of places. Each location in the guide is accompanied by a quick reference sheet, which offers sensory descriptions, sample encounters, potential adventures, and a list of adjectives that capture the essence of the area.

This resource aims to be an all-inclusive toolkit for those looking to build a world that breathes life. The second part of the book explains what methods can be applied to craft your own engaging locations and introduce principles of storytelling, pacing and planning.

The Minds Behind the Book

Guy Sclanders

Guy brings to the table his decades of experience, ranging from university lecturing to TV shows and script-writing. The lessons from his diverse background serve as the foundation for his storytelling and role-playing expertise.

Till Lammer

Till, with his background in graphics design, medical congress organization, and event planning, contributes an artistic and aesthetic sensibility to the book. His focus on map creation and layout design adds an additional layer of depth to the guide, making it not only informative but also visually engaging.


A Partnership Born Out of Passion for Roleplaying

Both the Great GM and DungeonFog have collaborated since their inception, united by their love for role-playing and storytelling. Till's artistic eye perfectly complements Guy's narrative mastery, making their partnership a fortuitous one for the storytelling community.

Where to get the book?


The PDF version of The Creator's Guide to Epic Locations – Nature PDF is now available for purchase, offering readers an easily accessible and portable format. Whether you are a novice storyteller or a seasoned RPG master, this comprehensive guide is a must-have resource for anyone looking to elevate their narrative and captivate their audience.