DUNGEONFOG now offers OnDemand access!

Gift your GM a DUNGEONFOG account and enhance the immersion of you whole campaign!

Do you just need a few maps and feel that a subscription would be too much?

We have listened to your feedback and are proud to announce that we have launched our new OnDemand service:

You can now buy OnDemand activation codes in our store to get temporary access to our premium features without the need for a subscription.

You can use OnDemand codes for yourself, or gift a friend
(like your fellow game master).

We have updated our pricing page - so go and check it out!

More Updates

Updated public library
We have implemented a lot of improvements to our public library, including  better performance for map search, new filters and additional information on map details.

Hall of Fame contest incoming!

We are looking for the best maps in our public library - and you will be the judges!

On March 1st we will start our Hall of Fame contest.
There will be a new contest icon for each map in public map library and everyone will have 5 votes to distribute among all public maps. So brush up your maps and make them public to take part!

More about the new contest will be announced later this week.

Improved account management

It was time to clean up the account management page, so you have a better structure, insights and can easily manage your accounts.

Tomorrow, February 25th 1pm UTC

On Tuesday, February 25th at 1pm UTC we will continue our monthly diary about the development process of Project DEIOS.

Join us at
to learn more about the state of the ALPHA, meet the team behind DEIOS and ask questions.

If you have missed the past videos, you can watch them here:

We have also started to produce a written documentation of the last stream, that you can read here:

Happy Map Making!