Editor Update v5.6.0

Introducing Room Templates and Color Filters


Our latest updates introduces two new Premium features to our Battle Map Editor and many small updates for convenience and improved map editing!

Room Templates

You can now select rooms or room groups and create room templates.
Room Templates are stored in your account and can be used across all maps which allows you to:

  • Copy rooms across maps
  • Create a library of reusable room templates
  • Use room groups to create full building templates
  • Organize your template libraries with categories and tags
  • All rooms stay editable!

All you need to do is,

  • Select a room / room group and click “create template”
  • Browse your template library and place them on your map

Map Color Filters

You always wanted to quickly turn your map into a black and white version?
With our new option to add color filters to you maps, you can now change the whole map with just a few clicks.

Revised “New Map” Overlay

Check out our revised “New Map” menu on the platform and let us know how you like it!
Our goal was to simplify the creation process of new mas and bring you faster to your map editor.

Along with that we have also updated our system recommendations and added some guidelines to map sizes in our Help Desk

...And More!

See our detailed patch notes for more updates and features:


March 2021 Update 3 - Room Templates
DungeonFog Battlemap Editor - v5.6.0

Core Changes:

  • New Map Interface - The new map interface has been updated with new presets. Map description and tags are not hidden by default. A new warning has been added if your map resolution exceeds our recommended limits.

New Premium Features:

  • Room Templates -- This feature allows you to build/design and save your rooms and room groups to be re-used on other maps.
  • Color Grading - Map wide color grading is now available on the stage with numerous color grading filters and are applied on a per-level basis. We have also implemented a blending slider for those who wish to only partially apply a color grade to their map.
  • Contrast/Brightness - These map wide settings are now available in the level settings and are applied on a per-level basis. Hiding the stage does not affect these settings.

New Features:

  • Room Mirroring -- You can now mirror rooms and room groups.
  • Clear Room/Stage - Allows you to quickly clear the stage or a room of all props; a useful addition to make room templates more versatile.

General Changes:

  • You may now report a problem directly from within the editor. The new report map button is to the left of the save button.

Bug Fixes:

  • Brushes and Tokens with custom uploaded images and textures will now clone properly.
  • ESC key functionality has been fixed for doors to properly back you out to the room instead of the stage.
  • Fixed an bug preventing text props from not hiding properly in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where hiding a room with a door to an adjoining room would sometimes hide the door leaving a cutout in the wall.
  • Fixed a bug where map decorations that are part of a prop group would still be included in export, even if map decorations were disabled.
  • Sub-segments of brushes and shapes can now be flipped.
  • Fix an issue where the stage 'Grid' and 'Real-world Units' were accepting invalid values.
  • Export DPI is now properly applied to PNG and JPG file properties.
  • Image settings are immediately applied upon entering export mode, this will prevent users from having to click the 'apply' button before being allowed to export their map.
  • Changing export file types now properly updates the preview image.


Weekly DGNFOG Streams


We have started our weekly streaming schedule, with regular updates on the Online Battlemap Editor (Every Tuesday, 7pm UTC)DEIOS (Every last Tuesday of the month, 7pm UTC) and a weekly mapping stream (Every Thursday, 7.30pm UTC) where you can join us to ask questions, chat and build maps:


Twitch schedule


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