Editor Update v5.6.1

With our new window mechanic have now integrated the complete google font library. We have also added a new favorites mechanic to fonts and color filters along with many small updates and fixes.


April 2021 Update
DungeonFog Battlemap Editor - v5.6.1

Core Changes:

  • 'Hide All Lights' and 'Allow Ghosting for Levels Above' have been made persistent settings on a per-map basis. This change was made by popular request as a way to increase performance on very detailed maps and/or for those with less powerful computers.
  • Token 'sight range' is now a persistent setting and will no longer be reset when toggled off.

New Features:

  • Color Grading and Fonts windows now have a 'favorites' system. -- NOTE: favorites are reset when using the reset tool (reset URL).

General Changes:

  • The Fonts menu has been updated to use our new window system.
  • Tint/Colorize has been added to tokens in the asset manager, these values may now be saved as part of your presets.
  • The 'shortcuts' menu icon has been replaced with a 'keyboard' icon as this is a more accurate representation of the menu.
  • Room Template Tags - Leading and trailing space are now ignored.

Bug Fixes:

  • Room Template Tags - Empty tags are no longer able to be created.
  • Doors were not updated when selecting a different door type, this has been resolved.
  • Rotating a room now also rotates the floor and wall textures by the same amount in-order to maintain the same look of the room.
  • Room Template Tags - Pressing enter now has the same functionality as pressing comma. Focus is now returned to the tags field.
  • Scaling for assets that are part of a collection has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting objects too fast will crash the editor.
  • The column widths of the texture editor in the asset manager has been fixed.
  • Rotation of geometric brushes/shapes has been fixed. (a reset may be required for this to function properly)

Campaign Bug Fixes:

  • Concealed items now reveal properly when FOW is disabled.
  • For the remote player window, for the 'Move Tokens' option assigning 'Own Token' now properly closes the dropdown menu.

Known Issues:

  • There is a known issue that is randomly causing remote Campaign sessions to not load properly. It has been reported that if a remote user logs into their account prior to connecting to the remote session, this will allow the remote session to load properly.


Weekly DGNFOG Streams


We have started our weekly streaming schedule, with regular updates on the Online Battlemap Editor (Every Tuesday, 7pm UTC)DEIOS (Every last Tuesday of the month, 7pm UTC) and a weekly mapping stream (Every Thursday, 7.30pm UTC) where you can join us to ask questions, chat and build maps:


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