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PROJECT DEIOS reveals communities & collaboration

Hello adventurer!

Time flies and the sands of time mercilessly trickle through the hourglass. Fortunately, the passing of time can bring joy and wonder, because it is time for another PROJECT DEIOS update!

This week, we revealed our new section dealing with all things community. We talk about how we want to support collaboration on a whole new level and which features we will incorporate to enable creative alliances.

Join a community full of stories and creation
The three pillars of DUNGEONFOG have always been “Plan - Create - SHARE”. Combining these guiding principles with the fact that every object, entity and map stays perpetually editable makes it possible to elevate creative collaboration and community features to a whole new level. Game masters, storytellers and RPG enthusiasts can exchange feedback and help improve each others worlds, while at the same time invite players and party members to get involved in the creative process.

Visit us on the PROJECT DEIOS website and learn more about how we envision collaboration, community features and new ways of sharing creative ideas and maps. PROJECT DEIOS will also make effortless integration with our partner World Anvil a reality - are you curious about which new opportunities arise for your map making and world creating endeavors?

Watch our latest video, where we talk about our vision for community features and collabortation.

There are more PROJECT DEIOS secrets left to be discovered. If you cannot wait another week for the next passage to be revealed, join our little scavenger hunt and find the correct passphrase to unlock the next article:

"Here, take a look at my journal. Every place I visit has its own character. Only after travelling far can I see the greater scheme of creation connecting them all."

Can you find your way through the labyrinth?

We are always happy to get your feedback, so don’t hesitate and join us on Discord! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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