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Over the last few, exciting weeks, we gradually unlocked most of PROJECT DEIOS’ well-kept secrets. Now, it is time to take the last, big step and announce the missing piece of the PROJECT DEIOS puzzle: On July 22nd, you can find us on KICKSTARTER!

Let’s join forces and make dreams become a reality
Funding our new adventure with a Kickstarter campaign makes it easier for us to disclose our development process transparently and at the same time, we get an opportunity to reward all supporters by making the pledges as worthwhile and interesting as possible.

We are not asking you to fully fund all of our dreams. Rather, your support could pick us up halfway and carry us to the finish line. From the estimated 100.000 EUR development costs, we can afford 50% with our own funds and the help of our partners.

Therefore, we set the funding goal to 50.000 EUR. With these resources, we could hire an additional developer and speed up the process to finish our “DEIOS suite”. With more heads in our team, we aim at rolling out the ALPHA version early 2020!

Visit our latest PROJECT DEIOS article and find out all about the Kickstarter campaign, our funding goals and how we will make your support worthwhile.

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We are always happy to get your feedback, so don’t hesitate and join us on Discord! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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