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PROJECT DEIOS reveals portals

Hello adventurer!

Another week has passed and it is time to reveal a new PROJECT DEIOS secret!  The article we unlocked today lets us venture out beyond the physical realms.

Are you curious how we envision RPG game masters and storytellers to cross into other planes of existence with their creations?

Special thanks go to and for providing us with the additional artworks!

Our aim is to create a coherent and interconnected toolset for RPG game masters and storytellers to visualize your creative ideas - without being restricted by conventional boundaries. Therefore, PROJECT DEIOS is conceptualized to evolve infinitely, to support even the most fantastic ideas. Over time, the available art styles will expand to include different elemental planes and fantastic settings. Visit the project’s website to learn more about how we want to obliterate current limitations in map making and storytelling!

Watch our new video and get to know PROJECT DEIOS' vision:

There is still more to discover and PROJECT DEIOS secrets to be revealed. If you don’t want to wait one more week for the next section to be released, go on a little scavenger hunt with us and use the correct passphrase to unlock our next article:

"We have come far! To continue we need to find truth in the music of life, in the melody of the birds. Listen, friend - can you hear their song?"

Find the correct passphrase to gain entry to the next secret passage on!

We are always happy to get your feedback, so don’t hesitate and join us on Discord! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy map making,

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