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PROJECT DEIOS reveals next secret

Hello adventurer!

Last week we revealed that PROJECT DEIOS will bring a new way of city creation with the Citybuilder tools.

Today, the next secret has been revealed:
In this week’s information section, you can learn all about our vision of regional maps and landmarks, and how our new biome tool will help you to effortlessly draw forests, swamps, hills or other landscapes on your map.

PROJECT DEIOS does not only make it easy and intuitive to compose harmonic regions. The innovative DUNGEONFOG authoring tool set also enables you to connect specific areas of a regional map with city or battlemaps. It is as simple as placing landmarks exactly where you envision a settlement to be.

As an experience map creator and artist, Caeora from Blue Sword Games makes sure that we pay close attention to the needs of storytellers and map artists alike. Watch his video to learn how he views the creation of regions:

If you cannot wait to learn more about PROJECT DEIOS,
you can unlock the next section by following our little scavenger hunt.

With the correct passphrase, you can open the subsequent information slice immediately - otherwise, you will have to wait until June 17th for more secrets to be revealed.

Here is your next hint:

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