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PROJECT DEIOS reveals summary & FAQs

Hello adventurer!

It is that special time of the week again: Let’s dive into another PROJECT DEIOS Update!

In this week’s slice of information, we will bring the bits and pieces of information from our previous reveals together. We will answer your most frequent questions and hopefully draw a coherent picture about PROJECT DEIOS and our vision to create ONE system to support ALL your map making and storytelling needs.

PROJECT DEIOS is conceptualized to allow for the seamless combination of many different map types on a massive “master map”. Through our experience with the DUNGEONFOG map editor, we know to take one step at a time, in order to avoid tripping over our own feet. Therefore, we make sure that creating individual maps stays straight forward and intuitive, while enabling interactive connections through landmarks and location pins.

Do you want to learn more about how a specific map will be created within the PROJECT DEIOS framework? Are you curious about dynamic linking and how it will revolutionize the way you can visualize your creative stories? Visit us on and see what we have planned for you!

We feel very proud about all the interest we have sparked and all the questions raised by our community. Therefore, we have dedicated an entire section of this week's article to your most frequent question!

There is only one more PROJECT DEIOS secret left to be unlocked! Join the riddle of our scavenger hunt and find the correct passphrase to reveal the final info slice:

"The future might be written in the stars - let’s reach for them together!"

Can you guess the last secret passphrase?

We are always happy to get your feedback, so don’t hesitate and join us on Discord! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy map making,

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