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PROJECT DEIOS reveals world maps

Hello adventurer!

It is time for another PROJECT DEIOS Update! After we have already revealed our visions for city maps and region maps, we want to share our next information section with you:

This week, we will show you how we envision world map creation to be both visually appealing and feasible!

As is usual for the DUNGEONFOG core mechanics, our revolutionary concept allows for highly detailed world maps as well as rough geographical outlines to conceptualize the space between different points of interest.

Each section (e.g. political entity, climate zone, etc.) can be selected, viewed and exported separately. Landmarks can be placed wherever your story needs them to be and are automatically attributed an individual location including geospatial data, which allows map sizes to be almost unlimited.

Do you want to learn more about PROJECT DEIOS without having to wait another week for the next information section to be released?
Solve our riddle and find the secret passphrase:

"Ancient tales warned me of the dangers beyond the flickering portal. Never had I dreamt of the wonders - and terrors - awaiting me." 

The portal permits entry to those who can solve the riddle unfolding in the summoning circle.

You need to decode the message to gain entry to the next secret passage on!

We are always happy to get your feedback, so don’t hesitate and join us on Discord! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy map making,

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