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PROJECT DEIOS reveals first secrets

You might have heard about PROJECT DEIOS by now. At least when you’ve visited our website in the last two weeks, as we have not too subtly lured you to the PROJECT DEIOS website.

Now, it is time to pick up the pace: From today onwards, we will spill secrets on a weekly basis!

With the PROJECT DEIOS partners World Anvil, The GreatGM and Caeora from Blue Sword Games, the DGNFOG team heads out on a brand new adventure. We will gradually reveal where this endeavor is taking us. For now, all we can say is that we aim to revolutionize map making for RPG game masters and storytellers alike!

Together, we want to tear down some walls and make the magic happen!

Join us on this journey and read more about PROJECT DEIOS over the next few weeks. Today, we unlocked the first information slice and revealed our vision of how cities can be mapped out effortlessly and intuitively. 

If you cannot wait to learn more about PROJECT DEIOS, you can unlock the next section by following our little scavenger hunt. With the correct passphrase, you can open the subsequent information slice immediately. Don’t worry if hunting for clues is not your thing - the next secrets will be automatically revealed on June 10th.

Here is your next hint:

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