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"Most Promising Product"


In the past weeks we had the great honor to be reviewed by two esteemed game masters who took the time to delve into our tools and collect their experiences for you:

The DM Lair

The DM Lair makes weekly D&D videos with information and resources to help dungeon masters run awesome games. Luke has been DMing on and off since high school and has run 2e, 3.5e, and 5e game over the past. Through his Youtube channel "The DM Lair" ( Luke shares the knowledge and experience he's obtained over the years to help other DMs, especially new ones, level up their games.

Icarus Games

Anto from Icarus Games has dedicated his channel to make you a better RPG game master, give you product reviews and first impressions, as well as terrain tutorials and behind the scenes photos, videos and more. You can find his channel also on Youtube at

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More Videos featuring DUNGEONFOG

Want to see more videos about DUNGEONFOG?

Guy from How to be a Great Gamemaster is releasing regularly videos where he shows how he uses DUNGEONFOG to enrich his campaigns with maps and more.

Colin from BoardgameSimplified is running a tutorial series, where he walks you through our tools and explains how you can build your own maps using DUNGEONFOG.

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