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Published on 2022-10-21 10:19

Play a Demon in this hellish adventure

Have you ever wanted to scare the living hell out of somebody? Do you want to play pranks on the living or see them run away in terror?

Then Rule of Chaos – Demonic 5e has you covered. Just in time for your upcoming Spooktober sessions we will take you and your party to the medieval fantasy world Arde.

You will start your journey as powerful demons born from chaos and brought to the living world by a dark ritual performed by the old wizard Richard Stargaze. Explore his feud with the city councilor Brian Ambergleam and leave your mark on their tale as your adventure / shenanigans begin.

We are Rule of Chaos, and we are all about playing powerful demons in all shapes and sizes. Subscribe to the RoC newsletter and get this 119-paged adventure in your inbox featuring:

  • 4 ready to play demon characters
  • Playtesting demon rules
  • 50-page adventure text
  • 10 high quality Dungeonfog maps ready to clone in our hub (see down below)
  • New monsters & more!
Are you up for the challenge of playing a demon?

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Explore the medieval fantasy world Arde


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