Search, Sort and Favourites!

What's new

With todays web update we have released new and highly requested features to our premium users!

Dashboard - Favorites

Maps that have been favorited will appear and always be accessible on the dashboard.


My Maps - Search

At the top of the 'my maps' section we have the new search feature. This will allow you to search for maps based on the name, tags, or something in the description. All maps, including those in folders, and even deleted maps(those not fully purged) will be searched.


My Maps - Sorting

Maps can now be sorted. We have also introduced 'Updated' so you can sort your maps by when you last saved them.



A map can be marked as a favorite by either using the map options and selecting 'add to favorites', or by clicking the star next to the map in 'my maps'.

Other development updates

We are working extensively on our big GM Notes update and making huge progress. This week we reached feature completion and focusing now on polishing and bugfixing. That means we can soon announce the release date for this massive new feature!

Besides that we have planed exciting new stuff we cannot share yet but tune in to our next streams, join us on social media or our discord to be the first to learn about them!

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Weekly DGNFOG Streams


We have started our weekly streaming schedule, with regular updates on the Online Battlemap Editor (Every Tuesday, 7pm UTC)DEIOS (Every last Tuesday of the month, 7pm UTC) and a weekly mapping stream (Every Thursday, 7.30pm UTC) where you can join us to ask questions, chat and build maps:

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