Server Connection Issues in US, Canada and Australia


We have received multiple reports that users in the US, Canada and Australia are currently experiencing connection problems which are resulting in server errors and poor performance with the website and battlemap editor.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we want to assure you that we are working on it.

First testing indicates, that there are no issues with our servers themselves and that based upon our initial findings, it appears that entire subnets in the US, Canada and Australia are being severely rate limited which are causing performance issues with our site and editor for affected users.

We are working diligently to find a long term resolution for this, which may require us to migrate our servers to a new hosting provider. This is not something we can do immediately as we ask for your patience as we investigate long term solutions.


Some users on Discord have reported that using a VPN to servers in Germany or Austria have returned full use of the site with zero issues.

We understand this is not a long term solution but merely a workaround, however at this time it may be a viable option in the short term.

For future updates about this issue and other news please join us on discord:

The DungeonFog Team