New Feature: Text Tool

Today we have released the new Text Tool

Today we have released a major update to our Online Battlemap Editor, featuring the new text tool for map labels, room tags and additional text based props. Along with the new text tool, there will be more updates in the coming weeks, completing the tool with a new prop set for map-decoration-objects like banners, compass roses, icons and more fonts.

If you want to help us decide on the fonts used, visit our discord and take part in the font-submission channel!


This updated required some changes to the way we cache map data.
Please clear your browser cache by pressing 'ctrl+f5' on Windows or 'cmd+shift+r' on MacOS when encountering a loading error screen.


February 2021 Update - Text Tool
DungeonFog Battlemap Editor - v5.4

New Feature - Text Tool

  • This update includes the release of our text tool so you can place text on the map in a variety of text.
  • Token Names and Room Labels have been updated to use the new text tool options

Text Tool Fonts -- The following fonts are available for use within the text tool

  • Adinkra Wisdom
  • Alchemy Esoteric
  • Attack Graffiti
  • Aztec Empire
  • Celtic Druid
  • Cinzel Decorative
  • Hobbiton Brush Hand
  • Japan Kamon
  • Lovecratian Neue
  • Orbitron
  • Parisienne
  • Roboto - Default
  • Slavian Ustav
  • Viking Norse
  • More fonts will follow so don't forget to vote on fonts in our #font-submission channel on Discord!

General Fixes

  • Resizing brush tips has been changed from 'shift+scroll wheel' to 'ctrl+shift+scroll wheel' for consistency of 'resize' accross all tools.
  • Hide/Unhide All was missing from 'room groups'
  • Manually changing the radius of a wall segment now properly creates an undo change and triggers map save. Manual Radius changes to wall radius will no longer be lost as a result of this fix and can be used once again.
  • Fixed an issue where objects would not cast a shadow if it shared the same x or y axis of the light source.
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What's next? Roadmap 2021 - Help us prioritize features!

We have released our roadmap for 2021, where we have set our goal to revisit & improve existing tools, as well as adding tools that have been heavily requested by our community. And although our goal is to tackle all those features in 2021 - we wanted to know which of those you would like to see prioritized.

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