Goodbye V3

The end of an era

What a ride

In 2018 we released the DungeonFog Battlemap Editor - formerly known as only DungeonFog. But the concepts and prototypes started earlier. Way back before development started, the very first prototype was developed with the HTML Canvas element. We continued using it until we realised that it was way too underpowered to carry a fully fledged browser based editor. To lift the heavy load we needed something stronger with direct access to the user’s Graphics Card. With the power of WebGL the next version of our Editor was born. A couple of updates later we reached the very strong V3, which has been in use ever since.

Many great maps have been created with this version but it had its limits. Plagued by bugs, messy walls and shadow renderings we decided to move on. The many changes and features we introduced next were so game changing we decided to skip a version and move directly to V5. Unfortunately the two versions were and are not fully compatible and made manual conversion necessary. So we decided to give everybody a transitional period where both versions would coexist and give our users sufficient time to convert their maps to the new editor. This grace period, which now lasted well over a year, is now over.

On September 1st we are going to shut down the V3 Renderer.



⚠️ What does this mean?

  • Maps which have not been converted will show an indicator saying "old".
  • Old maps will be force converted to V5 once you open them. You will have the decision to either remove or convert the existing brushes.
  • Once an old map has been converted and saved it updates to V5 and isn't old anymore.
  • No maps will be lost - They only have to be updated before you can use them.


What's next?

We are actively working on the Editor to bring improvements and features to you. If you follow our regular news updates and our Mapping It Out news streams, you already know that our reworked Asset Picker will launch around our anniversary later this year. This rework will bring new features, bug fixes, and improved loading times.

The future of the Editor - V6

After the next big update, we will take the time and focus on the next evolution of the renderer and Battlemap Editor. The goals are simple: superior performance, usability improvements, and Deios integration.

We already worked out a concept on how to achieve these goals, which includes vastly rewriting the renderer. As you can imagine, this is a huge endeavour that we have to put a lot of effort into. But it will allow us to finally fulfil many wishes and requests you have voiced on our suggestions board like the long awaited multi-selection of objects on the map. At this moment, we cannot tell you more but we keep you updated with new information once we are ready to share them.

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