Tavern Map Contest

"You all meet in a tavern..."

This is by far the most used starter from GM's worldwide to unfold their adventure. It stands the test of time and never
fails to bring a party together. Who doesn't love to go for a drink (or two, or three, or four... you get the gist) right before
quenching the thirst for adventure, while a bard is tickling your ear with charming music?

We made it even easier for you to provide your players with eye-catching tavern maps to kickstart their next mischief.
You can download them for free to spice up your next ttrpg campaign or session.

Download these maps for free

In cooperation with our partner World Anvil and with the limitless creativity of our community, we present you with this selection of fantastic tavern maps.
All maps come in different settings and styles and also in gridless variants. Download these for free or clone them from our Public Library and customize them to your needs.


Download Tavern Maps
Free to download and use for non-commercial purposes. Redistribution is allowed and attribution appreciated.

The essence of an extraordinary tavern map

Taverns are the bread-and-butter of starting a campaign. It enables the party to come together and start
the adventure after spending some time having fun, gathering information, stocking up supplies, and much
more - everything in one place, really.

  • drinking games
    Who doesn't love to unfold the secrets of strangers or prove their ability to drink someone under the desk with a good ol' drinking game?

  • catch the atmosphere
    With our Battlemap editor, you have all the tools at your disposal to create a stunning tavern your players want to visit again & not just only to turn in the quest!

  • enough space for bar fights
    Don't forget to leave enough space so that potential bar fights can occur without completely shredding the place to bits.

  • plan out the next adventure

    Let your party come together to flesh out the next adventure and then throw that plan in the bin, doing whatever they want, wandering around aimlessly (but at least they tried)

  • gambling tables
    ...for adventurers who want to lose all their hard-earned money right away!

If you need more inspiration on crafting a buoyant tavern, we suggest you check out the blog post from "Master the Dungeon."

Visit their blog

It should be easy for you to map out the next favorite pub for your players with all that information.


What's cooler than a neat tavern map?

Well, of course a tavern map that wins you a prize!

Our partner World Anvil runs a challenge where you can prove the knowledge you've gained - The Tavern Challenge


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World Anvil's "The Tavern Challenge"

Timeline Event
March 5th - March 26th Competition is opened and closed (both on livestream)!
March 26th - March 31st Sharing period, give feedback, make minor edits.
April 2nd - April 16th Adjudication and Judging
April 16th Winner Announcement Date!
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