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New Updates: Campaign Manager, Viewer and more

It took us a little longer than we hoped, but as a wise wizard once said: “Haste makes waste”, so we made sure to spend enough precious time on our new Campaign Manager and Viewer features. Thanks to our tireless Testsquad, we can now release our newest developments - enjoy the new game master tools and storytelling possibilities they bring!

New Campaign Manager

We have completely reworked our old session management system and transformed it into the more sophisticated DUNGEONFOG Campaign Manager. You now have the possibility to organize entire campaigns in one neat folder on your dashboard, by importing multiple maps into a campaign folder.

The system automatically generates a campaign copy - that way, you can adapt your maps to the course of action, while your original maps stay untouched, no matter how reckless your players interact with the environment you created.

Game Master and Players Viewer updates

Simultaneously, we developed our viewer features profoundly. As game master, you now have a new toolbar available with all the important features helping you to represent your party’s movements and their progress on your map. With the revamped fog of war feature, you can gradually reveal or hide map areas as your players move along and take different actions. The tool is based on a brush system and can be adjusted in size to symbolize the individual character’s field of vision. At the same time, you are always able to uncover entire rooms with just a single click.

Live editing

Everytime your players decide to interact with structures on your map, you can now immediately show the results of their actions. Do they want to tear down a wall - boom, wall is gone. Did they find a hidden door and smash it in - just a few clicks and your players can congratulate themselves on their wit and strength. Since the DUNGEONFOG system imported only copies of your maps into the campaign manager, you don’t have to worry about what your players’ ideas might lead to - your original work of art is save on your platform and will not be affected by the changes you make on your campaign copies.

Circular context menu

There are also some smaller updates of some editor features that will be released today. Among them is a circular context menu. By right-clicking on any object on your map, you can now open this special menu, offering you the most popular editing possibilities for the object.

We hope you enjoy our latest developments - let us know what you think, we cannot wait to see how you use the new features in your creations!

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