DUNGEONFOG rebranding

The new website has launched.

Today we have launched the new DungeonFog design.

DungeonFog as a brand has grown over the past years: 
Our journey has started as a small Kickstarter project for online battlemaps - with about 800 supporters in the beginning. Recently we have just reached 200.000 accounts and with Project DEIOS in the making, it was time to update our brand to reflect that DungeonFog is becoming quite more than just a battlemap tool.

More than just a new look

With the relaunch of the website we have kicked off a chain of updates that will find their way online over the next couple of weeks: 

DEIOS ALPHA countdown has started.

In our monthly developer's streams we have promised, that the relaunch of our website also kicks off our contdown to ALPHA 1 for Project DEIOS.
And so it is: On October 15th we will launch our first technical ALPHA for Project DEIOS!

Learn more about it in our next developer's stream tomorrow 3pm UTC at twitch.tv/dungeonfog